Tour Mamiku Gardens located on the East Coast of St.Lucia and delight in humming birds and butterflies, tropical plants and wildlife.

A fantastic St.Lucia tour to discover our wide range of Beautiful tropical plants and flowers.
Explore St.Lucia with these Self-driven Buggy Sightseeing St.Lucia Tours. Tour the west coast to the historical town of Soufriere, or, just drive around and tour St Lucia's beautiful scenery on one of our two-hour tours.
Eco Dive St.Lucia is one of the premier Scuba Diving tours in St.Lucia. When visiting St.Lucia, take a scuba diving trip to explore the exciting undersea world of St.Lucia. These St.Lucia tours reveals the variety of sea life found around St.Lucia Coral reefs.
Explore St.Lucia is an exciting look at tours and adventure in the tiny Caribbean Island of St.Lucia. Although small in size, every square inch of this island paradise is an adventure in itself. The scenic natural terrain comprises of hidden coves, lush tropical rainforests, romantic bays and dramatic landscape.

There are several options in Exploring St.Lucia, whether below the waves or on terra firma. Dive the depths with PADI certified professional dive instructors with eons of experience or take to the saddle and ride through rainforest trails. Two wheel exploration on mountain bikes or the popular segway, 4 wheel tours and even 12 wheel safari jeeps. Take to the sky with St.Lucia helicopter tours and view the majesty of the Twin peaks of The Pitons, a world heritage site.

Explore St.Lucia and take an adventure through paradise. There's lots to do in St.Lucia and each experience is an adventure. Our complete guide offers a selection of activities and sites to see with experienced and knowledgeable guides throughout St.Lucia.

Trek through St.Lucia with Explore St.Lucia, your concise St.Lucia tour guide.
  • Half and full day sight seeing trips along our beautiful coastline. Enjoy day & evening trips with Transportation to various historical sites. The prefect way to tour St.Lucia and explore St.Lucia.
  • Diamond Falls, Botanical Gardens and Mineral Baths is located in the scenic town of Soufriere. This is a must visit St.Lucia Tour. Explore St.Lucia can arrange your tour. Use the form below or call us at: (758) 384-4983.
  • Trim's National Riding Academy promises horseback riding in a way you never have before, because riding with us is truly fun and adventurous. Make us part of your St.Lucia Tour plans.
  • Sulphur Springs is one of the most popular attractions in St.Lucia. Call or email us at Explore St.Lucia for personalized St.Lucia tours to this icon of St.Lucian adventure. Use the form below or Call 720-1130.
  • Balenbouche is a St Lucia Guest house situated on a beautiful 70 acre heritage site and organic farm adjoining several secluded beaches. The 75 acre property includes the historic plantation house and gardens.
  • Isn't it time you had your slice of paradise. Whether a Home, Investment or a St.Lucia Vacation home, Buying a Caribbean home is easier than you think.

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